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Update on Your Orders, Myself, and OricaCard Going Forward

Hello everyone, this is Brian. I’m very sorry for the lack of responsiveness both here and through email. I have never let orders fall this far behind before. This is NOT the kind of service I offer, nor the kind any of you deserve. I wanted to take some time here to update everyone on what’s going on with OricaCard, myself, and most importantly, everyone’s orders.

First and foremost, regarding your orders, just about everyone’s cards have been packed and are ready to ship out on this coming Monday. For anyone in the US, your order should arrive near the end of the week and for international orders, you should have your cards sometime the following week.

Please keep me updated on the arrival of your cards if for any reason you do not get them in a timely manner. I will work with you to ensure you get what you ordered. For anyone who’s emailed me, I will be getting back to each and every one of you personally regarding your concerns, even if it’s just to let you know that your order is on it’s way.

The reason for the long delay and lack of responsiveness is due to a major life change on my part. I’ve spent much of this summer preparing for my first major move out of my hometown. I’ve gotten rid of most of my personal possessions (including my entire Yugioh collection, video games and furniture among many other things) to help make the move possible. It has been a very involved process and taken alot out of me both mentally and physically. The move is finished now and I’ve settled into my new residence as I’m entering my final year of college.

I have made changes on the site to ensure this sort of delay will not happen again in the approching academic year. Firstly, all cards which have not yet been produced as Ultra Rare have been set to ‘Out of Stock’. They will be unavailable until they receive their Ultra Rare printing in the coming months. The next change involves Custom Cards. They will still be available at a new price, but only in Common Rarity.

These two changes aim to free up time to focus on shipping orders much more quickly from here on out. All Ultra Rare cards are premade, on hand and ready to be shipped so there will be no processing time for orders involving only them. There will still be some wait time on Custom Cards, but they are able to be produced more quickly as Commons.

The non Ultra Rare Orica offerings has been consuming alot of time lately, so in addition to quick shipment on new orders and fast response time, I hope to be able to make some progress with new product offerings in coming weeks. I’m aiming to have some more of my stock released as Ultra Rares before the end of the year. I’m still determining how much time I will have to making progress toward that goal so the release time will be tentative for a while.

That should cover just about everything. I will be getting back to all of your emails soon and any new ones will be promptly answered. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding regarding the situation. OricaCard would not be around without all of your support. Thank you for hearing me out. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with all of you as I enter a new chapter for both myself and OricaCard.

All the Best,

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First Look at OricaCard’s First Ultra Rare Cards!

OricaCard will be seeing a big change coming soon! We’ve been working on a new, better looking card design since this time last year and now it’s almost ready. Here is a first time look at one of our Ultra Rare holographic cards featuring a selective shine for a super high quality appearance! We’ll be rolling these new cards out all throughout February. I’m super excited to finally be able to offer these to you and I hope you’re just as excited as I am!

Best Regards,



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Kozmo Dark Destroyer and Solemn Strike

In light of Kozmo Dark Destroyer’s huge price jump, we have released a proxy for those of you running Kozmos. We also have a Solemn Strike proxy out to help shut down Kozmo Special Summoning or any other deck giving you trouble. Check them out here!

Kozmo Dark Destroyer:

Solemn Strike: